Ty is a Messenger of Spirit sent here to do God’s work

She is an angel whisperer, light worker, divine channel, and very old soul. She often refers to herself as a starseed of indigo origin. The divine gave her the name Messengers of Spirit for her company. The vision that Spirit holds is for the greatest good of humanity.

Ty uses her gifts as a divine healer, psychic medium, personal soul guide, spiritual teacher, and ordained minister to empower and guide you in unlocking your spiritual awareness and gifts.

Are you wanting any of these for your life? I am here to help.

  • Clarity about career or purpose
  • Help with feeling emotionally blocked or stalled
  • Guidance at a crossroad
  • Understanding about challenges
  • Closure or are missing a loved one that has crossed over
  • A stronger connection with your guides
  • To be in the flow with the Universe
  • A better understanding of your intuitive skills
  • To understand what serves your highest good
  • More love in your life
  • Increased prosperity or better opportunities for advancement
  • Knowledge about upcoming events in their life


Sessions with Ty are life changing events with many ‘aha moments’

Ty’s down-to-earth style puts you at ease, while her connection to the divine establishes instant contact with your own team of divine helpers.  She can offer validation to your current circumstances through past lives, guardian angel communication, archangel and ascended masters’ assistance for the soul’s divine plan and greatest opportunities, and/or a thorough scan of your body’s energy systems. Sometimes a loved one that has crossed over will aid the session to provide healing and understanding. All for the highest good of your path.

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