Messengers of Spirit Online Spiritual Academy

Welcome! Our mission is to Inspire, Educate, and Transform for the purpose of supporting the global transition to head and heart consciousness. 

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Want To Learn How to Decipher Your Intuition and Improve Your Life?

Wake up to your Powers of Intuition during this one hour of training. Ty the Spirit Messenger uses science to dispel the myths and break down the barriers to using your intuition.

Empath Empowerment

Realize your full potential as an Empath and exchange your pain for power. This course contains energy medicine, information, and tools to educate you and empower you.

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Explore Your Intuition

A 12 week series of intuitive building exercises. From beginner to expert mode, there is something for all of us to take away.

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Angel Speaking

Learn how to create a consistent conversation with your guardian angels and spirit guides with these 5 ingredients.

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