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How would you like to find out how your intuition is guiding you?

Hosted by Ty the Spirit Messenger, Creator of the Online Spiritual Academy, Messengers of Spirit 


Learn How To

Distinguish what intuition really is and de-mystify it

Find Out

Which 'gifts' you have

Learn How To

Work it so that you can use your super power(s)

Skeptics Welcome!

With a little bit of science and magic, I bring you in close to show you how this abracadabra is not so 'secret society' and a LOT more common than other people might want you to believe. This 'sixth sense' is just as valuable and necessary as your senses of taste for food.

Learn how to use your psychic super powers so that you can increase your health, wealth, finances, career and even romantic relationships. I'll even help you establish a language around this stuff so that you can finally come out of the spiritual closet. 

** Also, I am not the type of person to spend 5 minutes teaching and an hour selling to you. This hour can change your life. **

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