Messengers of Spirit is an online spiritual academy dedicated to the mentorship, transformation, and empowerment of Healers and Empaths.

A co-creation between Ty Gold | Alchemist and the Divine, the academy offers courses, mentorship, and energy medicine to individuals committed to shining their light and passionate about their spiritual development.

Our Promise

We are committed to offering a sacred space filled with faith, hope and connection, where action-taking Lightworkers and heart-centered Entrepreneurs can master their Divine WiFi and learn to be their own guru.

Our Mission

We aim to create the next generation of spiritual leaders, while magnifiying and maximizing our global impact by:

- Honoring and respecting everyone's journey
- Turning individual and collective pain into power
- Fostering mindful, thoughful, and compassionate leadership
- Creating thought-provoking awareness and providing excellence through education
- Focusing on the greatest good for humanity with the highest possible outcome
- Building a community committed to authenticity, abundance, and growth

Our Values

- Embrace transparency, vulnerability, and courage
- Deliver love, joy, and creativity through service
- Pursue peace, truth, and brilliance
- Be generous, giving, forgiving, and kind
- Embrace intuition and intention
- Be passionate, self-reliant, humble, and resilient

Our Vibe

At Messengers of Spirit our gold is no ordinary gold. We make magic, joy, transformation, spiritual alchemy, and Divine connection part of the everyday.

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