Align To Earth's Natural Abundancy Frequency With This Tip

abundance guidance love love languages manifestation money self love wealth Feb 01, 2021
Last year the Divine shared an Abundance Hack with me to help me align to earth’s naturally abundant frequency.
It involves love languages.
You have to know yours. (If you aren't sure which yours are, you can take this free quiz to find out which ones out of the 5 love languages are yours)
You can use this tip for up to your top 3 love languages.
Here’s how this works:
Daily, give to yourself or someone else your top 3 love languages.
You will match the frequency of abundance and begin to shift your prosperity picture.
For example, mine are quality time, gifts, and touch.
My biggest days in sales have come after I have had multiple days off, a massage, gifted myself something beautiful and genuinely have chosen joy and relaxation.
I 💗 myself and the energetic frequency of that is multiplied and sent back.
I’d love for you to try this for 7-10 days and tell me what changes you experience.
Passing on the intel so that you may feel as wealthy and loved as you desire 💞

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