August Energy Forecast

energy finances focus manifestation monetary gain money predictions wealth Jul 31, 2020

“I am ready to receive the money owed to me. The world of finances is a very flexible and changing thing. I am willing to allow and embrace my karma as currency.”

Planet: Sun
Gem: Diamonds
Color: Rose

One of the many things that you will see trending this month will be money and money stories. Many will watch multiple story lines collide, collapse and fall. The man/woman standing on top of the hill will be the one who has their traits and values aligned with service and that person will be accompanied by the troops that care for humanity’s welfare. A lot of dark will be coming to light and many will be surprised.

This month will be a very important time to focus on values, intentions and integrity, as the world will be compensated according to their good deeds or misdeeds accordingly.

Manifesting will be a major trend. Try to remember why and what for you are manifesting these things and really consider what you can do without. Some of you might decide to upgrade based upon your ideas about what you are worth and feel you deserve. We would like to suggest that you do save some funds for a rainy day as the economy is a bouncing ball at the moment. Having a lump sum in an account will contribute to that safety net feeling financially.

Many of you will be inspired with a massive amount of creativity. This creativity will most likely be combined with a team effort. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. What would they like to taste, sense, feel, see and remember?

You might notice tempers flaring. It’s important to know what your role is. Try to remain diplomatic and positive. Remember that your way is not the only way. A short fuse fizzles quickly and some of the demands that you may have may require a much longer route to be sustainable.

Authority figures will be feeling themselves and shining in their power. If that is you, acknowledge the wisdom and resources that you use and that support you. Implement new strategies and make changes where appropriate. You may find yourself at the head of more than one table.

Take care not to light anyone else’s fuse. It will not serve your time, energy or focus well. It could be very costly and difficult to escape.

Call in the Divine for more support, help, and power this month. You will see it pay off in the dividends you will receive. I am sensing Ganesha, Freya, Goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet, and both the Divine Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as shepherds and chaperones throughout this period. You may also catch sightings of Archangel’s Raphael, Faith, and Michael.

Dates to pay attention to: 3rd Full Moon, 8th Lion’s Gate, 18th New Moon

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Goddess of Egypt, Bastet. Credit: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

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