Do You Have an Inner Critic Talking to You?

angel guidance healer inner critic self sabotage shadow work spiritual support transcend transformations Jul 14, 2018

One of the ways that I support people is with Eliminating their Inner Critic. There's this voice inside their head that keeps them small, that talks them out of doing and being great things.

I remember when I saw it for the first time years ago in an energy healing session with a client. It looked like a blob or attachment on the neck and shoulders with a face on it. It was really creepy. Everything in me was saying, "We've got to get that out of there!"

My guidance was that this embodiment was there by the choosing of the client. That it was serving a purpose. Only they really have the power to ask it to leave. They have to utilize their own hands and 'wash' it away.

That's not the hard part with the Inner Critic issue though. I have been at this for quite some time over the years. The hard part, in my opinion is realizing that the client is motivated by whatever tools that attachment used. Let me explain: in most cases, the Inner Critic was/is an energetic copy of a person that was or is in the client's life. This client gave so much value or authority to what this person thought, felt, said, and did - that they utilized their imprint to generate their ideas of success or the route to attaining their goals.

That nasty energy blob became the voice that they heard at night before they fell asleep and greeted them every morning when they started their day. The tools they often use are name calling, belittling, shaming, criticism, judgement and sometimes could be confused for that ole trusty 'voice of reason' - but is it?

They are Dream Killers.

When I work with someone on eliminating this, things often look really bad before they go well. To succeed the client has to learn to listen to their intuition, receive and follow through on guidance from their angels, deal with their self saboteur, and begin to compassionately accept themselves.

When a person has been motivated by fear, drama, and the negative for so long they literally don't know how to compute, process, and take action without this pattern. When they don't do the emotional work behind the inner critic issue and even the self sabotage - they will literally replace the old version of the Inner Critic with a new person in their life. They will find and attract someone that is telling them what to do and how to do it and where to find the place to store it.

Resolving the Inner Critic once and for all really takes a consistent effort of loving and embracing all of your flaws, getting to know yourself, and learning to trust yourself.

Not even an expert like me, can do this for you. You have to learn to rely on you and agree to be motivated by loving inspiration rather than demands and threats. I love supporting these transformations because the results are grand. However, it takes a lot of commitment and a ton of intestinal fortitude for both of us. Are you ready?

Would you say that you are motivated by love or fear?

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