How to Give and Receive an Accurate Psychic Reading

angels card reader divine communicator guidance psychic readings tarot Aug 28, 2019

I've spent 7 years providing guidance as a service online and in person.

Out of those 7, I have invested in sessions with mentors, peers, and clients that are practicing.

I feel very, very comfortable and quite inspired to provide a comprehensive list around the things we should and should not do when we are wanting to give and receive an accurate reading.

When giving guidance to someone:

1) Make sure you are clear. Clear on the goals or what area(s) a client wants to receive guidance about. Then most importantly, ENERGETICALLY clear. Whether you smudge, mist, amplify your light - make sure your stuff or even the previous client's doesn't get mixed in with another person's

2) Tune into Source or their Divine Support Team for information instead of or before you connect with their energy field. People's energy fields are full of chaos, attachments, imprints, and projections. It's very difficult to distinguish the highest and best insight for someone if you are caught up in their whirlwind.

3) Do your due diligence to your craft. Practice alot. Stretch beyond cards or other tools. I always say that our personal development offers us the keys to the magic kingdom. The Universe will only allow you so much access. You must be doing your own soul's work (personal development) to fully step into using all of your clairs.

4) Do no harm. Do not ever tap into someone's energy field without permission. Do not read or manipulate without consent. This is a categorical NO in the areas of Karma and Boundaries. You will find yourself stuck in your psychic development, financially or without clients if you do not obey this rule.

5) Aim to be not only spiritual, but enlightened. Follow your own angels' advice. If you are not communicating with your very own Divine Support Team you won't get far with your business, your soulmate clients, or your life.

6) Water! There's never enough water. Drink all the water. It's what keeps the energy flowing.

7) Know your limits. Energetically speaking the more you give in a day, the less the quality is. Try to find a solid balance between what you can provide with the greatest amount of accuracy. Which may indicate that you need to visit your prices. (That's another conversation for another day)

How best to receive the most accurate readings? I am so glad you asked!

1) Make sure you want the reading. I have seen friends gift or shove someone into a session that they don't 'believe in' or want and the session goes awry. If it is in your best interests to receieve the guidance the stars will align for it to happen. Go with an open mind.

2) Trust your judgment and use discernment. There are charlatans out there unfortunately. If someone isn't following the guidelines I mentioned above, you can wind up with a crap reading.

3) Understand that we are interpreters. We are given half sentences, feelings, images, etc. Our job is to interpret what we sense. Short time constraints can be problematic. So is you desiring or needing to hear information a specific way to honor it as legitimate. Try to be flexible.

4) Go to someone that has a reputation for accuracy. Ask a friend. Look for referrals and reviews. Credentials don't always mean good. I've seen people with plaques on a wall and in our session they got 2/10 facts correct.

5) Too many readings can present a mountain of confusion. Your goal should be to learn to use your own guidance. Maybe a reading could clear some cloudiness or uncertainty or offer a validation for you. If you are visiting one reader after another, they are going to pick up on your fears and the issues that you are wanting to seek answers for (projections) and you are going to spend a lot of money and wind up even more confused. Don't go to someone that leads you into thinking that you need them more than using your own intuition. I recommend only 1-2 readings per year. 

6) Prepare to pay. This is a craft that takes many years to develop and requires mentorship, healing, and personal development work. If you want quality and accuracy an hour session could be a $200 investment. Honor the guidance.

7) Go with questions, goals toward a particular outcome and with some time to spare for Source/Spirit to offer information that would serve your highest and best good.

Whichever side of the table you are, have a great time!!
I am very curious what you learned from this list.
Maybe even you would like to add to it?


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