July Energy Forecast

Find out what themes are being expressed this month and what you have to look forward to.

Mantras and mindsets for alignment:
My feelings are important. I express myself fully and completely. I allow myself to perceive the clearest vision and Source to clear the route to serve me the most beneficial circumstances for my highest good.

Planet: Mercury
Gem: Amethyst
Color: Purple/Violet

July will actually be a difficult and very challenging month for a lot of people. Many people will be stepping out of their comfort zones and speaking more clearly. If you have a hard time expressing yourself or your feelings you will be called upon to grow.

This month the theme of new beginnings and Independence will continue to trend. This vibration started last month and thanks to the three consecutive eclipses of the full and new moon phases you will see its continuation. Many of you will be forced to grow. Too much will be at stake to carry on with business as usual. Those who insist on not growing and changing will experience difficulties and hard times ahead.

One phrase to embrace this month is, “Change serves my highest good.”

The more willing you are to change and grow to address your self saboteur the better. Many people's self-sabotage will be rising to the surface. If they refuse to acknowledge or avoid what is showing itself and asking to be amended, they will be dealt difficult circumstances. The Divine says that the action that is being integrated will force people to acknowledge their downfalls and pushed into growing.

Those who grow gracefully, ultimately prepping and doing the inner work will watch themselves grow by leaps and bounds. This was shown to me as people climbing stairs two steps at a time.

This is a huge/massive month for healers and healing. Large gatherings with multiple people offering their services will be showing up. Not just one time but two, three and four. Take what you need and leave the rest. Leave yourself open to receive Divine guidance, integrate and process.

Many people will find themselves sick to their stomachs or not tolerating foods that they once were able to. This is because the level of fear is rising to be cleared from the collective. What is contaminated is leaving the root chakras and making room for much clearer identities and roles in the solar plexus of the people of the planet to be in greater alignment for the highest good of Earth. People’s force and nature will soften.

This is a great time to connect with Animals and Nature. Many of you will be seeing animal messengers and visitors not only in your waking hours but dream time and meditation as well. Take this to heart, as your vibration and frequency aligns more to the heart chakra and soul of Earth the better attuned you are to the animal and fae realms.

Our Earth is singing a new song of love, peace, joy and freedom. This must be true for every individual to experience true harmony.

Receive blessings and more Divine support by stating, “Show me how to step out of my own way to align my experience to more joy, wisdom, nurturing, prosperity and truth.”

Dates to pay attention to: 4th Full 'Buck' Moon with a Lunar eclipse, 7th Divine Surprise Day, 12th Mercury Rx ends, 20th New Moon

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