June Energy Forecast

eclipse energy forecast family intuitive mercury retrograde new beginnings numerology predictions psychic retrograde May 31, 2020

I lead with compassion as I surrender my fear. I am a part of one nation, the human one. The Divine embraces my family with love and support.

Planet: Jupiter
Gem: Pearls
Color: Indigo/Navy Blue

This month the Divine says we want to be on the lookout for ways that we can build economy by working with others. This is a prime time to experience and say yes to collaborations. Use your body to muscle test or really feel into and evaluate whether a venture is in your highest good.

Because we are in a Master Builder year, you are going to see this 22 vibration all year long. However, because June emphasizes family matters being important and challenges your areas of imbalance, you will see lots more collaborative efforts.

Those who consider themselves teachers will be doing lots of teaching things this month. Much of the rest of the population will find themselves signing up for courses and classes some within and out of the home.

Many people will be called by the Divine and asked to be brave and do things that they have never done before. It’s important to tap into your heart space and ask for that ounce of courage. You will see yourself stepping into new heights and making brilliant connections as well as increasing your prosperity exponentially. Remember to focus on the greater good and not necessarily the million dollar payout.

Family is another theme that is heightened this month however you define it and in all the ways. The world will be spending lots more time with family members and the greater good will be much better for it.

From a Numerology perspective we will be seeing both vibrations of the 1 and the 6.  Making your house a home and sanctuary will be threaded into the fabric of your lives, so is going to new places, meeting new people, starting new projects and beginning new endeavors.

The vibrations of two eclipses and the summer solstice will be slamming doors shut for positive changes and growth with family and new beginnings being a major focal point. Mercury retrograde will be easing in and allowing us to really reflect on our behavior, past choices and asking us to get extremely intentional.

Important questions to be tuning into your guidance and asking this month: How may I support? How may I serve? How can I be a vessel for the Divine to work through?

We currently have 4 planets in a retrograde phase with Mercury on the way. Please use this free energy medicine opportunity to energetically shift and entrain to a more flow state with ease during all planetary retrogrades. https://www.messengersofspirit.com/giftretrograde

Dates to pay attention to: 5th Full Moon with a Lunar eclipse, 18th Mercury Rx begins, 20th Summer Solstice, 21st New Moon with Solar Eclipse 

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Photo by Robert Rasmussen on Unsplash

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