Energy Forecast for March 2020

healer intuition psychic Mar 02, 2020

March Energy Forecast 2020

Expressions from the Divine: “I see color everywhere.  I breathe in perfect health and Divine blessings. Joy is all around me.”

Planet: Mercury
Gem: Amethyst
Color: Purple/Violet

The Divine says that this month is going to be quite the mixed bag for plenty of us.

Many of you who are walking the path, the journey inward, may start to experience a bit of a crisis of faith. “Where is my help and support?” You’ll say. The Divine promises that help is on the way through another, someone that you will truly cherish and appreciate if only you can reach out your hands to accept it.

This month groups will be trending. People will want to be held and more accountable in partnerships that have multiple resources and connections. Some lightworkers will truly see, sense and feel themselves coming out of the dark by the second week of the month entirely. For you, your cocoon phase has truly ended in its entirety and the Divine will be calling on you to provide even more support to others. If you are offering a workshop, make sure you have plenty of room. Your class size will need to double to support what you may have offered before. Your partnerships need you. The Divine will be sending them to you in droves.

5’s will be seen everywhere. 5 months, weeks, days, years. There will be checklists, counts and signs. These will be to herald the signs of change all over. You will be shown exactly what you need to do to adapt to the season’s changes, endings and beginnings. If you are NOT sure, wait for it. This is not a time for sudden transitions. Move slowly, carefully, watchfully. Make sure that what is truly in your heart is what your next personal season is calling for.  

The collective is calling for a healing, change, upgrade and adaptation to being more spiritual. The trauma around being witchy, pagan, intuitive, (even Nordic traditions) having differing or opposing spiritual beliefs from society’s standard in this lifetime or any other is asking – begging to be transmuted, transformed and upgraded. If you have a fear of being different, outcast, psychic or tuned in more to your spiritual gifts, the Divine will be calling on you to ask you if this belief is really serving you and offering you opportunities to release it. This is for every single lifetime that you have ever been on planet earth up to the right here and now. Keep watch for the symbology of fire and rain as the transmutation, cleansing and purification is happening.

When and where you can, offer up your prayers for forgiveness. You may acknowledge a healing that needs to occur or ask for more Divine support by calling in the 4 phrases of the Ho’oponopono prayer. This will go a long way, especially for those who are experiencing a crisis of faith or trepidation about their next steps in their trust and faith journey.

The whole planet upgrades vibrationally when we focus on healing the wounded within. Really feel into your story. The one you are often telling yourself about your beliefs or your strategies. Is it time to re-evaluate? The chaos and disorder will show you what areas you need to grow in to finally believe in yourself.

Lastly, if you find that you are spending at a faster rate that you are earning this month, it’s ok! The scales will be tipping back in your favor by mid-April. You will see massive returns on your investments and in your revenue. Trust. Don’t fret too much about making a mistake. Trust the fall and that the Divine has got you! You’ve just got to have a little faith!

Dates to pay attention to: 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st , first Full Supermoon of 2020 on the 9th,  new moon on 24th

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