May Energy Forecast

May 2020

I trust that this change serves my highest good. I am willing to allow the Divine to serve me the highest and best opportunities. I am always taken care of.

Planet: Mars       
Gem: Turquiose
Color: Blue/Green

Many doors will be closing this month.

May is going to be a period of growth and rapid transformation as each individual is asked to embrace their challenge or hardship and try to see the best in it. You are going to be asked to overcome challenges in new ways, by accepting it or stepping into a new circumstance or role entirely.

If you find or feel that you are fresh out of ideas, ask the Divine to help you explore some new options for those of you who feel like you are experiencing “Groundhog Day”.

Changes may be difficult but they are necessary, especially for growth. For now, see the answers even if they surprise you, as the Divine serving you the best option or opportunity available to you.

Extremism is another big extraordinary theme that will be appearing. Try not to get so wrapped up and consumed by things that it zaps your energy or depletes your resources. You cannot convince everyone to think the same ways you do. We are all individually guided and sometimes that may be in opposing directions.

People exploring metaphysics will be at an all time high. If you are a practitioner of a healing modality or transformation, be sure to provide a half off option or allow people to pay you in installments.

The formula for your success this month will be your willingness to adjust. Your adjustability (needs fluctuation) will match your success rate. Whenever you feel pressure, try bending. You will be much better off for it.

As you sense and see different endings approach, ask yourself if you can bend or if this is something that you need to let go of entirely. Some people will experience time outs and some will dissolve partnerships completely. Practice saying goodbye with grace and ease.

There will be many humanitarian contributions made this month. You’ll see the gift of giving and receiving everywhere. You might even decide as doors are closing and chapters are ending to donate your time or items that you no longer have use for.

7’s and vehicles will be trending.

Don’t let your sabotage stop you. Many people will be identifying their sabotage and put a stop to it.  

Dates to pay attention to: 5/2, full supermoon 5/7, 5/12, new moon 5/22

If you would like more Divine Support in navigating the energies and endings this month, please reach out a hand to Ty the Spirit Messenger through the Spirit Tribe to receive your guidance and energetic upgrades. 

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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