April 2020 Energy Forecast angels asended master guides intuitive psychic Mar 31, 2020

April 2020 Energy Forecast

 I am working towards building, manifesting, and creating the life that I desire. I rest, pause and reflect when I need to.

Planet: Saturn
Gem: Emeralds
Color: Green

I was shown the snake as the animal that...

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Energy Forecast for March 2020 healer intuition psychic Mar 02, 2020

March Energy Forecast 2020

Expressions from the Divine: “I see color everywhere.  I breathe in perfect health and Divine blessings. Joy is all around me.”

Planet: Mercury
Gem: Amethyst
Color: Purple/Violet

The Divine says that...

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February 2020 Energy Forecast energy forecast predictions Jan 31, 2020

February Energy Forecast 2020

 In my heart, I grow love. I love myself, my family and others.  

Planet: Moon
Gem: Moonstones
Color: Orange/Peach

This month is all about connection. Connection to self and others, even Divine connection...

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How to Give and Receive an Accurate Psychic Reading angels card reader divine communicator guidance psychic readings tarot Aug 28, 2019

I've spent 7 years providing guidance as a service online and in person.

Out of those 7, I have invested in sessions with mentors, peers, and clients that are practicing.

I feel very, very comfortable and quite inspired to provide a comprehensive...

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Do You Have an Inner Critic Talking to You? angel guidance healer inner critic self sabotage shadow work spiritual support transcend transformations Jul 14, 2018

One of the ways that I support people is with Eliminating their Inner Critic. There's this voice inside their head that keeps them small, that talks them out of doing and being great things.

I remember when I saw it for the first time years ago in...

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