Anti-Viral Energy Medicine For Empaths

A gift from Ty Gold | Alchemist, to empaths, healers and intuitives who are reeling from the trauma in the collective energy field and need help disconnecting from it at this time.


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Hi, Love! My name is Ty Gold | Alchemist. I teach empaths, healers and intuitives just like you to speak the language of Divine communication so you can be your own guru, harness your magic and and serve your medicine to the world at the highest capacity.
Many of you sensitive souls are reeling from the trauma in the collective energy field and the extraordinary events taking place in the world right now. Feeling completely tapped out, drained and highly emotional. At the same time a lot of you are being called forward to show up and serve humanity in it's time of need. The Divine gave me a call that I just could not ignore, asking me to support you in clearing these obstacles and energies for you, so you can deliver your medicine to the people that need it right now.

I created this video filled with Source Activations and energy medicine for the beautiful souls in my online Facebook CommUnity Be Your Own Guru. However, I knew when I made it that there are so many others around the world who need this powerful and life-changing medicine. So I am making the full video available to you.
The Divine & I want you to have this support.
And we want your empath and healer friends to have it too.
So please, feel free to share this page out.
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