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A week long discovery process. You will...

For Our Singles.....

  • End countless hours of scrolling and swiping left
  • Understand how to align yourself to 'The One' that best matches you
  • Learn how to prepare for your person
  • Cease random connections and mismatched dates
  • Get clear on who/what you do and don't want
  • Stop hiding and actually join the dating game with confidence and transparency
  • Experience ease, flow, and empowerment through our simplified and aligned process

For Our Couples...

  • Find out if the one you are with is the right 'One' for you
  • Reignite that spark or passion that once existed in your partnership
  • Discover the long term compatibility in your romance
  • Show up as the best version of you in your partnership


You will experience romance, synchronicity, magic, kismet, and the Divine's support by following our steps in your quest for love.

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