The 5 Keys To Cleanse and Bless Your Home

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My name is Ty the Spirit Messenger and you are opting in to subscribe to my newsletter! I am the founder and co-creator (with Spirit of course) of the Messengers of Spirit Online Spiritual Academy! That’s a mouthful. From now on you might see or hear me call it MoSOSA, not to be confused with mimosas. Which are lovely but not nearly the same thing!

I want to gift you something for subscribing to my newsletter. But first - a bit of a story. I tend to share a lot of my experiences in a story form. Anyway, I used to manage my own house cleaning business – like professionally. I LOVED the transformation of starting out with a space that felt cluttered, drab, messy or confusing and walking away leaving my own sparkle, shimmer and shine on it. Every home owner was truly touched by the special way that I showed my love and care for them. I always paid special attention to the details.

I turned in my broom and mop bucket for a candle and sage stick! I still clean houses but now I do it energetically and from a distance! I want to gift you my how to guide on cleansing and clearing your energetic space. Creating a soft, sacred, clean feeling space is so important to me still. I like contributing to that bit of magic in your life. It makes my heart sing and I feel like the world is just a bit brighter.

In the follow up email you will receive that PDF how to guide. Make sure you download and save it. That way you always have it handy.

Feel free to message me back to ask me any questions that you might have. I don’t have my emails routed to the angels or special team forces. It’s you and I in this partnership. I’ll be the one to receive and reply. It’s another one of those things that I feel is important. I believe a great business is established by good personal relationships.

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