Numbers tell us who you and and what you are meant to do!

Why Say Yes to Numerology?

Numbers don't lie. Numerology is a science that tells the story you were designed with at birth and that stays with you throughout your entire lifetime. Ty the Spirit Messenger utilizes this as the equivelent to a personality assessment and even a business success tool. You can finally decode the secrets of your name. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Find the common ground with family members. Harmonise relationships. Feel into a name change. Address problem areas in your business. Get clarity on your soul purpose. So much more.

Choose the numerology profile that suits you best below.

Here's What You'll Get

All numerology profiles include...

  • Your personalized numerology profile is outlined in a 1-2 Page Assessment where Ty the Spirit Messenger cracks the codes on your full birth name and date of birth
  • A PDF guide to the very detailed meanings, colors, and interpretations of each number
  • A personalized audio recording of Ty the Spirit Messenger's intepretation of your numbers and how they compare with your business or family members depending on which option you choose below.

Individual Profile

This profile is all about YOU!

Find out...

What you are good at
What's in your heart
Your mission in this lifetime
What kind of partner you should have
About your life purpose


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Family Values Profile

Family Values contains YOU + up to 2 additional profiles!

Perfect for name changes, partners, children, blended families and siblings
Comparison & compatibility reviewed
Action plan, guidance & suggestions given based on meanings in audio interpretation
Results include details about life purpose


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Business Profile

This profile contains YOU + up to 4 additional profiles!

Gain insight into potential partners, alternative business names & current/possible product/program names
Understand how your gift to the world relates to you personally and how you operate
Get the answers you need to move forward successfully, attract the right opportunities & reap the rewards that come from a name that fits your business


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"Listening to Ty’s numerology recording I literally have butterflies in my stomach! This is INSANE! In all the best ways! Like holy s**t someone just read my mind and finally put into words everything I’ve been trying to express and failed to!"

Oliver C
Personal Numerology Profile

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