About Us

The outline and creation of the Messengers of Spirit Online Spiritual Academy was received by Ty the Spirit Messenger by Source and the archangels. They have asked her to bring this forth sharing her products and vision to serve humanity's greatest good. The service provided by the academy is designed to partner and team up with the most compatible high vibrational heart-centered mystics, healers, teachers, mentors and guides. The reason is to put all this content into one place for the user to explore as they are ready to receive and learn it.

If you feel you are possibly the right fit for this opportunity in a partnership or affiliate capacity, please submit this form to discuss with Ty the Spirit Messenger. She would like to arrange a call to go over the details of what you would like to share or create.

If you are visiting this space with your sights on learning, we presume that you will take the pace as it suits you but definitely be checking back as this project will expand exponentially through 2020.

Through our hearts, we see you. We share your visions for love and peace. We hold you in the highest light and with tremendous regard.



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