Designed by the Divine and Kept in Line With the New Earth Paradigm

The Spirit Messenger Training is a 6 month high touch opportunity to train closely with Ty the Spirit Messenger. Turn your guidance all the way up and lock in your Divine Communication, all from the comfort of your own home.

Be led through your stages of growth in a space where you are honoured as an individual with your own unique capacities to serve and connect.

This one of a kind 6 month mentorship process is offered to individuals that are hand selected by Ty the Spirit Messenger. Therefore a call must be established to go over the details and explore whether you are the right fit and that now is the best time. Please read the outline provided and follow the next steps you heart chooses.

I would like to learn more about the Spirit Messenger Training

Spirit Messenger Training is for you if...

  • You are an empath or healer who is already receiving intuitive guidance and you want to learn how to use your super powers without being depleted
  • You want to rely less on oracle cards and other metaphysical tools and get tuned in to your intutive skills and connecting to your own guidance
  • You want to quit searching for answers outside of yourself in other teachers, mentors and intuitives and get really tapped in to your own answers and connection to Source
  • You already know and feel your purpose is to serve as a spiritual mentor or guide to others and you desire to embody spirit led work and life
  • You are a massage therapist and desire to use your physical body less and spiritually support others more
  • You are a medium that struggles to maintain the connection with your Divine Support Team members on a consistent basis
  • You want to create a rock solid career path in service with the Divine that generates an optimum revenue for your expanding skill set

If these resonate and feel like you then read on...

In this transformation you will...

Be Supported Throughout

You'll have the mentorship and support of Ty the Spirit Messenger in a safe and private facebook group throughout your journey

Become An Empowered Empath

From pain to power. Go from a struggling and suffering empath to mighty and super empowered.

Become Activated and Super Charge Your Intuition

Become more capable, fine tune and expand all your clairs, know your various intuitive centers and gain access to them

Master Divine Communication

Know and be able to call on the members of your Divine Support Team and receive their guidance and support upon request.

Manage Your Mediumship

For those who have mediumship abilities and have previously had hard times with pesky spirits standing in the way of their growth.

Receive Energetic Entrainment

Match the high vibe frequency that you will need to open up, access and use these new metaphysical tools. 5D and beyond, baby!!

What's Included

Ty's signature package for becoming a spirit guided mentor includes...

  • 6 months in a safe and private facebook community
  • 24hr access for Q + A's in the group
  • Bi-Weekly group support calls on Zoom
  • 1 x Monthly Energy Medicine
  • Up to 3 x 20 min laser coaching calls with Ty the Spirit Messenger
  • 3 digital courses - Empath: Pain To Power, Explore Your Intuition and Angel Speaking
  • 8 energy entrainment audios (Clair-Obvious bundle)
  • Customer support
  • Whatever else Ty the Spirit Messenger and the Divine decide would be in the best interest to deliver for the highest outcome of the group

What You Need

  • A wifi connection
  • A journal or digital notetaking device
  • A set of headphones
  • At least a beginner level of meditation (We'll be troubleshooting in this transformation but you need the basics down)
  • To be prepared to spend up to an hour a day or equivalent in a week's period working on your transformation
  • To be ready and willing to make a 4 figure investment in yourself

End Your Indecision and say, Yes! to Ty's support for your Intuition

Are your ready to get activated and acclimated to your energetic Wifi? With Ty's sweet touch, you'll be sensing and exploring an entirely new world. Click below to get all the details. Early angel enrollment starts now with extras and bonuses!


  • Our Training begins on June 7th
  • The Training ends on December 10th
  • That's 7 months (1 month extra) for the early registrars
  • We will continue to receive applicants until July 5th
  • Flexible timelines for all types of learners and for those to be able to pace themselves
  • The Training is limited to 35 people
  • There is an opportunity to add on more 1:1 services in a more VIP/Luxury option