Where together we rise and shine our light in the world.


Are you ready to bring more light into your life?

I have witnessed so many people (including myself) radically transform their lives along with the lives of those that they serve too; when they say yes to themselves and their healing.

But let’s be honest, staying committed to your growth and healing to get to the good stuff isn’t always easy.

You're down for the shine, but the rising part -- ehh, maybe not so much.

There's so much information, so many different practices out there it’s hard to know where to even start. Then, just when you think you’ve finally got it, things change again!

It doesn’t help that most of these spiritual practices and concepts seem lofty and un-relatable to the very real human experience you’re living and breathing every day too.

Not to mention that there’s also resistance, fears and negative patterns that seem to rear their ugly heads at the slightest whisper of you upgrading your life!

You're in love with the magic of upgrading and manifesting to your highest and best Divine Blue Print but then real 3D life happens and you find yourself slowing down, stopping, asking...

Why am I doing this?
Why can’t this transformation thing just be simple and easy?
What do I actually need to know/do to see the results I want?

That’s why in the Spirit Tribe…

We focus on what is current and relevant

Every month the Spirit Tribe provides and guides you to current and up to date energy upgrades, guidance and information based on how the energy and collective is shifting and changing at the time. Instead of feeling like you’re always paddling upstream to keep or catch up, you’ll be flowing with the current. You'll be carried forward faster as you hone in and work on the energetic upgrades, growth and learning opportunities that the divine is offering to you.

We recognize the human in you

Everything presented in the Spirit Tribe comes from a relatable and human place. We use real life experiences and examples that you’ll recognize yourself in. We’re spirits having a human experience and both the Tribe and Ty honor and reflect that in the way the information and guidance is offered to you. Everything is easy to understand and apply so that you can actually get the results you’re investing in!

We cut through all the noise

The Spirit Tribe focuses on what’s relevant in a concise and simple way. Ty will do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to wade through all that information. Each month she presents the information, guidance and upgrades that matter most and that with your application will help you achieve the results and transformation you want to see in your life, faster, easier and simpler.

And, we entrain and empower you

Our ‘soul’ focus is helping you to discover your own inner guru. The Spirit Tribe puts the information, guidance and tools in your hands, to support you in your journey of self mastery. The activations, downloads and entrainments will energetically align, attract and clear your path to the miracles, magic and abundance you want to experience. While you are receiving gigantic waves of healing, love, downloads, and clearings you are also getting the all important mindset work, affirmations, stories, or explanations to diffuse and disintegrate the resistance and fears that stand in your path. This causes a chain reaction of events in your outer experience as you integrate the formula through your spirit, body, and mind.

So, are you ready to entrain and manifest your highest and best?

Sign up to the Spirit Tribe today and you'll be designing and creating with Source in no time and seeing a rapid and generous turn around in your life.



  • Are you ready and willing to seriously up-level your life?
  • Do the concepts of alignment, attracting abundance and authenticity feel elusive to you?
  • Do you want some spiritual nourishment where you can pick and choose what feels good to you?
  • Would you like to better understand spiritual terms, tools and rituals?
  • Do you want the benefits of a commUnity but the privacy of a private mentorship?
  • Would you like more answers about this 5D New Earth Paradigm and how to shift into and with it?
  • Would you like to experience more magic, miracles and abundance in your life?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions then the Spirit Tribe is for you!



Ongoing Resources & Support For Your Spiritual Journey

Monthly access to Energy Forecasts, Holy Shift calls, guided meditations and energy medicine.

Special Events, Services and Extras

First dibs on monthly special offers, webinars, masterclasses and live trainings. One on one guidance provided.

CommUnity and Private Access to Ty the Spirit Messenger

3 options for exclusive access to Ty the Spirit Messenger's spiritual coaching and mentoring inside the membership platform and within a private Facebook group.

Spirit Tribe Tiers

Select your level of investment toward your advancement to a life of miracles, magic and abundance

Guiding Light



Access to the patron-only activity feed! Instant access to Ty!

Monthly Energy Forecast - Divine guidance downloaded by Ty the Spirit Messenger so that you know what to expect vibrationally for the month ahead 

Instant access to 5 highly recommended Holy shift calls

New recommended list of 5 different Holy Shift calls every 2 months (5D Guide)

Private video content through a new Snapchat like feature on the Patreon app, Patreon Lens

Patreon only 15% discount on sales

First dibs on any monthly discount offers

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Rising and Shining



Everything From Previous Tier

A personal check in via Patreon to see what questions you have for Ty the Spirit Messenger 

First dibs to sit in the hot seat during our live online monthly Holy Shift calls where you, the Divine and Ty the Spirit Messenger can hone in on your problem area(s).

A huge list of Holy Shift call inventory to choose from for your personal development

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Ascending Masters



Everything From Previous Tiers

You will be personally focused on and receiving a monthly dose of energy medicine in the Energy Medicine Hour

Monthly personal messages from the Divine in the Energy Medicine Hour Feedback

Access to even more Holy Shift call inventory that will open you to more abundance, energy flow and entrainment with guided action steps, as well as loving partner relationships

Automatic enrollment in all online workshops

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LightSpeed Mentorship



Everything From Previous Tier

Scheduled 1 on 1 monthly mentorship calls uniquely designed for you

Personal messages and guidance from your Divine Support Team

Access to a secret vault of Holy Shift call inventory

Recommended resources for your continued growth and expansion

Personally curated list of Holy Shift calls for you to implement for your highest and best progress with your desired outcome and goals in mind

Hand picked Enlightenment Kit curated personally by Ty for your specific goals

Energy Tune Up every 4 months

Past Life & Karmic Clearing Where Appropriate

Client Intuition


May include angel communication and connection

Personalized activations, clearings & downloads

May include numerology profile where appropriate

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