When you work with me you get my time, focus, and energy. I am a Spirit Guided coach & have mentored 1000's of people to help them to realize their dream lives. I work with people all over the world to transform their lives and businesses into the highest potential that Spirit aligns for them. I teach people how to be their own guru. I am a bit of an energy master, medium, psychic, divine channel and business mogul all rolled into one.

Spirit Messenger Training

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Designed by the Divine and Kept in Line With the New Earth Paradigm, The Spirit Messenger Training is a 6 month high touch opportunity to train closely with Ty the Spirit Messenger.

During your time together, Ty will teach you psychic development, opening all your clairs full throttle, and giving you access to the tools that an Empath or Medium needs to control all of that flow. Then you'll glide into Divine communication, where you learn how to confidently and consistently communicate with your A-team at your command.

All of this is done inside a beautiful, safe, supportive container where you have access to Ty and her support every day, should you need it. In this container, Ty will be offering you further mentorship towards your specific areas of development and fine tuning your energy systems with her Divine healing skills. You will rise to the frequency of your Divine helpers, understand your clairs language way easier and release all the resistance you have to being spiritual or psychic in this lifetime.

If you wish to be led through your stages of growth in a space where you are honoured as an individual with your own unique capacities to serve and connect the Spirit Messenger Training is for you.

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Goddess Transformation with a Retreat

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Are you in a place in your life where you are ready to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new?

Are you desiring more money, freedom, more flow, ease, connection, joy and allowing the most aligned circumstances in your business, careers, love life, and relationships with family and friends?

Ready to release old stories of lack and limitations of self love and prosperity? Ready to face your fears, releasing self sabotage and their inner critic.

We move from the past with the full moon and take our time into a new moon cycle to embrace the new rising goddess that you are.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Ty one on one. You would need to be ready in mind, body, emotions and spirit to transform your life into the fairytale you have always dreamed of.

Ty the Spirit Messenger supports with Source guidance, loving energy medicine, and just the right steps to move beyond and out of the way, loving and embracing all that you have been before.

Are you ready to transform into a Goddess?

VIP Coaching Agreement Opportunities

You, God and I work together to create an outline for the changes that you want to make that utilizes Spirit’s vision of the highest possible success for our working together. This is energy, vibration, resolving conflicts of matter, and constantly asking Source to guide you for better circumstances, opportunities, and creative designs. You can learn how to utilize your intuition, follow your angels’ guidance, meditate with ease, turn your wounds into wisdom, discover your purpose, change careers, have a lift off experience with your new endeavor, and even find your true love by learning to love and embrace yourself, and/or break negative patterns of behavior that have been holding you back.

The agreement may include services, time, travel and the digital products and courses required as agreed upon during the initial visioning process. 

Length of term can vary

The price points vary from per month; Determined by intensity, pace, experience level, and desired outcome.

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